What your support does

By Cheryl Unterschutz on 3/10/2017

Wonder where the money you give to support Girls on the Run goes? Here's a break down of the ways your gift makes a meaningful difference in the lives of young girls in mid-Missouri.

$1,500 - helps to support a team of 10 girls so they may participate in Girls on the Run at no cost to their families. These girls attend Title 1 schools or community centers and would would not be able to participate without the generosity of people like you.

$1,000 - helps to provide healthy snacks for all the girls participating in our program. The number of girls we serve has more than doubled in the past two years and the cost to provide healthy snacks to replenish our girls during practices has gotten bigger. Many of the girls who participate in our program do so under scholarship which means they come from economically disadvantaged situations. Providing a healthy snack as part of our program ensures they have the energy and nutrition they need to learn and participate effectively. It also allows us the opportunity to teach all of the girls about healthy food choices which will positively impact them throughout their lives.

$500 - will help to purchase the out-comes based curriculum guides used to deliver Girls on the Run and Heart & Sole programming for all of the volunteer coaches who serve in our council. These guides are created through Girls on the Run International by education experts who test the outcomes to ensure their effectiveness. They are the guide for all coaches to ensure that every girl in our program receives the same messages and learning opportunities.

$150 - allows a girls like Julie to participate in Girls on the Programming for a full 10-week season. During this time, Julie will gain skills to help her navigate the difficulties most girls face as they move into adolescence. She'll engage in lessons that build her own personal confidence and teach her how to appreciate and support the strengths of others. She'll learn how to deter and deal with bullying and gossip and that actions associated with these can never be undone. She'll learn how she is connected to her community and how she can positively impact it. She'll learn that she has the ability to do more than she ever imagined  - all because you chose to give her the chance through your gift.

$125- covers the cost of materials necessary to provide 10-weeks of programming at each of the sites we serve. Materials include: markers, paper, scissors, posterboard, first aid kits, cones for use during physcial activity games, pencils, sunscreen, note cards, etc. Materials also includ unusual items that teach valuable lessons like a skein of yarn. Yarn is used to show girls how they are connected. When all girls hold onto a piece of the yarn at the same time they realize that if one person pulls on the yarn or drops their piece of the yarn it effects everyone else, just like our actions and words have an effect on others.

$100 - buys four pairs of new running shoes for girls in need.

$50 - buys two pairs of new running shoes for girls in need.

A gift of any size will help in all areas of programming and positively impact the girls we serve. All donations go directly to support our girls and are deeply appreciated.

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